We uphold a higher standard.

The year was 1960. The city: Orlando. The two guys were Tony Misho and Steve Reich, a couple of young successful Columbia University grads with a hunger to expand the Planned Estates product they had developed.

The idea was simple: Rather than try to sell potential clients one set of estate planning products, Tony and Steve decided to take a product-specific, personalized approach based on the unique needs of each client. The partners established a precedent-setting Two Meeting Plan designed to first discover the specific needs of a client, and then create a product plan that would best meet those needs. This innovative, industry-revolutionizing platform would soon be adopted by the Home Life Insurance company nation-wide and would establish the fundamental way the partners and their company would successfully engage clients for the next 50 years.

Tony Moreno, Sr. joined the firm in 1981, and started the benefits arm of the company: Moreno Financial Services. A native of Cuba, Tony Moreno Sr. was one of the first Certified Financial Planners in Central Florida, and would one day serve as president of the Institute of Certified Financial Planners. Under his passionate, dedicated and innovative direction, Moreno Financial Services, a privately owned and operated business, grew into one of the largest Hispanic owned firms in Central Florida.

Today, the professional partners at MPC continue to declare product affiliation independence, providing Central Floridians with personalized, innovative financial strategies that allow them to enjoy living today knowing tomorrow is protected.


We plan for your success.


We are independent. When you come to us for your planning needs, you can be confident that we will be objective in our recommendations and honest in our advice. We are not beholden to other financial institutions — any service or strategies we implement are chosen because they are the most suitable for you, not because they are the only choice.


We leverage powerful resources to put you on the path to your goals and to help address what’s most important to you. Every day, our clients depend on us to leverage our experience, strategies and relationships to make sure they are heading in the right direction. We seek to help build client wealth by taking advantage of large-scale resources, including our affiliation with Independent Financial Partners (IFP). IFP is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and independent broker/dealer located in Tampa, Florida. IFP supports a network of over 250 financial advisors located throughout the United States who specialize in wealth management and retirement plan consulting, The advisors at IFP collectively oversee in excess of $5.3 billion (as of 12.31.2018), giving us the ability to access resources such as enhanced technology, vendor  support, and marketing opportunities not available to an individual office.


We embrace a personalized approach. Our team is passionate about getting to know you as an individual — you are not just another client. You deserve solutions that are just as unique as you are.


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