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Our personalized approach is powered by the strategies and services we offer for both personal and business planning. Once we’ve determined the appropriate strategy for your situation, we will support you through every step of the implementation process.

Business Strategies

Transition Planning

There is a simple reason business owners have worked with the MPC team to transition their businesses: we develop a clear and executable plan of action. Without a clear and executable plan of action, transitioning your business can be a long, disappointing process that ultimately does more damage than good. Whether you plan to pass the business on to a successor, start a new venture or retire and draw income from your assets, you can be confident that we will develop and implement a plan that empowers you to meet your goals.

Employee Benefits

A business’ most valuable asset is its people. But how can you reward your employees or executives in a way that encourages their continued participation in the business? By strategically leveraging key person planning, we can help you give back to the most valued members of your team in the most effective and tax efficient way possible. Through a strategic relationship with OneDigital, one of the nation's leading employee benefits organizations, we can connect you with the benefits plan that's appropriate for your business. By making the appropriate choice for your employee benefits, you are investing in the long-term health and profitability of your business.

OneDigital is a separate entity from IFP and MPC.

Personal Strategies

Retirement Planning

The years of your retirement should be spent in the way that you’ve always imagined. It should not be spent worrying over difficult questions, such as: Can I maintain my current lifestyle? Have I prepared for potential long-term care costs? Will I ever outlive my money? We’re here to develop a personalized retirement plan that helps address these questions so that you can enjoy your retirement to the fullest degree. Whether you are seeking to build wealth before retirement, or if you’re in the midst of distributing your wealth, our team will help you determine your income needs, manage the risk of expending your savings and insure the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate.

Insurance Planning

A tragic loss could immediately place the financial stability of your family and your legacy at risk. We want to help ensure that both your family and your legacy will be protected — no matter what circumstances may arise. Our team of insurance specialists are here to help connect you with a strategy that is aligned with your situation, goals and plans.

Investment Management

Individuals of all occupations and backgrounds have come to us to have their portfolios reviewed and analyzed — but we still maintain the same personal and customized approach. As we review your portfolio, we make it a priority to learn about the goals and concerns you have about your finances. Once we’ve analyzed your portfolio from all perspectives, we will provide you with concise and practical next steps that will help you step boldly toward your financial goals.


Since the inception of our firm, we have helped high net worth individuals strategically partner with organizations and charities that they are passionate about. By leveraging funds for a charity, not only are you making a significant impact in society, but you are making it in the most tax-efficient way possible. In addition, you are creating a positive public image that will establish your legacy for decades to come. Our team is here to provide you with guidance in choosing the appropriate planning strategies and determining the most beneficial way of leveraging your assets.


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